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Commercial Cleaning Services

Facility Services and Maintenance

For the Dallas Fort Worth Area

Get Clean Carpet and Tile offers an array of full-service facility cleaning and maintenance services to commercial clients.

Our quality standards deliver a level of professionalism and continued results that will pleasantly surprise commercial customers who have “been around the block” with other cleaning services. Retaining you as our client is our goal.


Types of Services Offered

As a commercial client, you have access to the full range of cleaning services that we offer to our residential customers — Everything you need to improve and maintain the beautiful image, presentation, and safety of your facility and organization.

Our commercial cleaning services for facilities include:

  • Carpet deep cleaning, maintenance, and care
  • Tile and grout restoration, sealing, and cleaning
  • Natural stone cleaning and polishing
  • Striping, waxing, and VCT
  • Water damage restoration
  • Scotchgard treatments
  • And more


Heavy Duty Floor Cleaning and Restoration

Your facility may have seen a long time between cleanings or treatments. If so, a heavy duty floor cleaning or restoration may be the best option to restore your floors to their original luster. Such is the case with many of our commercial clients.

Our powerful cleaning trucks and cleaning crews are equipped to handle the toughest jobs for any type of flooring, including carpet, tile, and hardwood flooring.

Carpet Restoration - Before/After

Carpet Restoration – Before/After (Movie Theater)

Tile Restoration Before and After

Tile Restoration – Before/After (Restroom)


Optional Scotchgard treatments for carpets and tile grout sealer treatments are available to further protect your floors.


Grout Color Sealing for Tile Flooring

Have you ever noticed that the grout in your tile flooring seems to lose its color (or change color) over time?

Grout color sealing is a special service that we offer for tile and grout flooring that either restores the original color of your tile grout or changes its color to one that you choose. This treatment also protects the grout and prevents future loss of color and discoloration.

Grout Color Sealing Before and After

Grout Color Sealing – Before/After

Grout Color Sealing Before and After Picture

Grout Color Sealing – Before/After


How It Works

  1. First we clean the grout with a high pressure chemical cleaning.
  2. Then we apply a special, durable epoxy coating to the grout that restores its like-new look.
  3. After we’re done, the epoxy locks in the grout color, protecting it from future color loss.

If your facility’s grout is in need of a color restoration and sealing, simply call us for a free quote.

Change the Color of the Grout (optional)

As an option, we can use this process to change the color of your tile grout, in addition to the other protective benefits of grout color sealing. To do this, you choose the grout sealer color that you wish to see in your flooring. It’s that easy.

You get to choose from a variety of over 40 different grout colors!


VCT Flooring Strip and Wax

Vinyl Composite Tile (VCT) is a popular flooring material choice for many businesses and facilities. Although durable and relatively low-maintenance, this flooring type does require an occasional stripping and waxing to stay protected and looking its best.

VCT floors have a finish top coat that protects them from scratches and damage, and it also gives these floors a nice shine. Over time, the wax finish breaks down or begins to accumulate grime and dirt and must be stripped and replaced with a fresh coat of wax.

VCT Strip and Wax - Before/After

VCT Strip and Wax – Before/After

If you have areas of your facility’s VCT flooring that look anything like the “Before” picture above, Get Clean Carpet and Tile would be happy to bring back their brilliance with a fresh strip and wax.


Regular Cleanings and Ongoing Maintenance

We also provide regular floor cleanings and ongoing facility maintenance at affordable rates.

Additionally, commercial clients can contract with us to provide their facilities with safe and effective industrial-strength cleaning agents and materials when desired.


Long-Term Quality Standards

When commercial clients choose us for their ongoing cleaning maintenance needs, we ensure that they receive consistent service quality for the full duration of the contract. In other words, we will continue to send our best cleaning teams and equipment, every time.

For example, and in the case of regular carpet cleanings, Get Clean only uses high powered Hot Steam vacuum systems that are proven to clean carpet more effectively than other methods.


Get a Free Facility Cleaning Quote

If you represent a facility in need of commercial cleaning services in the Dallas Fort Worth Area, you can receive a free quote for services by calling us at (682) 472-6979.

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