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Don’t get “low-balled” by carpet cleaning services

Professional carpet cleaning may cost a little more, but you get proven methods, correctly and professionally applied by companies that know the value of building good reputations.

It can sound like such a good carpet cleaning deal. The carpet cleaners will come out and clean every carpet in the house for one low price. Unfortunately, once they get there, the ‘up selling’  begins. It’s extra for a spray pre-treatment. Extra for spot removal. And, even extra for so-called ‘deep cleaning’. Before the customer knows it, they’ve paid as much or more than they should have, and the job can often be sub-standard.

Professional Carpet Cleaner Cleaning Carpet

Some advise from a carpet cleaning professional who has heard it all:

The company will say, ‘Hey, it’s $75 for your whole house,’ and the customer thinks it’s a great deal” said Shane Martin, of Get Clean Carpet and Tile, of Burleson, Texas. “Once they arrive, it’s another story. ‘Oh, wait. You want me to clean it how? That will cost extra. You want me to remove those spots? You want me to pre-spray? Those cost extra. These rooms are big, so they’re going to count as two rooms.’ I had a customer who was charged $400 by another company to clean four rooms after the customer was told it would be $75.”

Professional carpet cleaners are well trained, and undergo continuing education as modern materials and techniques evolve. And, when you consider the cost of quality equipment, truck, overhead, licensing, taxes, insurance – and just the gas to drive to the job site — you can begin to understand why some outfits will try to skirt these expenses and low-ball jobs to just get their foot in the door.

Cost is only one measure of a quality carpet cleaning job. There are several different types of carpet cleaning methods available, and customers will save money by doing just a bit of homework. To be on the safe side, check your carpet manufacturers website site, or ask the folks where you bought it from, for the method that they recommend. Some manufacturer warranties can be voided by use of some cleaning methods. The Carpet and Rug Institute lists recommended methods by manufacturer – with ‘hot water extraction’ being the most popular. The Institute of Inspection Cleaning Restoration and Certification (IICRC) offers additional information that consumers can use to choose a quality carpet cleaner. Stainmaster, as well known and respected carpet line actually recommends ‘steam cleaning’ for their carpet products.

Get Clean Carpet and Tile only does ‘hot water extraction’, also known as ‘steam cleaning’, which is the safest,  most effective, and universally accepted method by most carpet manufacturers. Other methods include low-moisture — or bonnet — cleaning or “dry” carbonation or “chemical” techniques. Most carpets can withstand a variety of cleaning methods, but the results will vary.

It shouldn’t cost you more to have your carpet cleaned correctly,” Martin said. “Right up front, I tell my customers the exact price for everything, including tax. Nobody needs an unpleasant surprise at the end, and I want to do everything I can to have a repeat carpet cleaning customer, and especially one who will recommend me to their friends!

There are also other ‘flags’ that can signal a possible problem with “low-ball” carpet cleaning concerns. Do they show up with a ‘beater’ vehicle, without a uniform, with no ID? Do they get hazy about costs and the final tab?

Keeping your carpets clean isn’t rocket science. Regular vacuuming goes a long way toward extending their life. And have them professionally cleaned by a qualified and reputable company in accordance with your manufacturer’s instructions, typically once a year, depending on your use and wear patterns. Choose carpet cleaning companies that can show certification from the IICRC, which most manufacturers require, and are insured and bonded.

Finally, don’t avoid a good carpet cleaning promotion. We’re all looking for the best deal. But check the company’s local reputation before you bite.


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