Carpet Cleaning

Get Clean only uses state of the art truck mounted steam cleaning equipment to clean and maintain the carpet in your home. We only clean with Hot Steam which breaks down the static barrier and allows for proper soil extraction without soapy residue.
There are 4 components to clean carpet. Heat, Chemical, Agitation and Time. When one component is not sufficient, you have to increase another component to get the carpet clean. For example, to compensate for a lack of heat, more chemicals would be used. Have you ever had your carpets cleaned only to get dirty spots a week or two later?? This was because too much chemical was used and it left a residue. Our process will get most of that soapy residue out leaving your carpets fresh, soft and they won’t get those dirty spots after we leave.


For those traffic areas that never seem to clean up right and look matted, we offer rotary power scrubbing, which is an additional step performed prior to the actual steam cleaning. This piece of equipment agitates the entire carpet fiber, separating that dingy soil from the carpet fibers. The process lifts the pile in the affected area and in many cases power scrubbing improves the overall look of those matted traffic areas, then the carpets are steam cleaned without leaving any soapy residue.