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Stone Countertop & Stone Floor Cleaning

Hard surface floors, showers and countertops made from natural stone or man made materials increase the value of your home, but as with most high end items, post installation care and regular maintenance is required.

At Get Clean Carpet and Tile, we are experts in all types of hard surface stone floor cleaning, stone countertop cleaning, refinishing and repairs.

Travertine Floor Cleaning and Terrazzo Floor Cleaning

Travertine and terrazzo are beautiful stone materials for floors, but although they look “hard,” these materials are actually quite porous. If left unsealed, spills and messes will penetrate the surface and leave a stain.

For this reason, travertine floors and terrazzo floors need to be professionally cleaned and sealed. Fluorochemical sealants provide the best shield against both water and oil-base stains. The micro-molecular formula actually bonds with the stone surface to deliver wear resistance and durability. And because the sealer reacts with the stone, you no longer have to worry about its porosity.

Once your floors are properly cleaned and sealed, Get Clean can regularly polish and reseal with a water- based protectant to lengthen the life of the stone and maintain its beauty.

Slate Floor Cleaning and Restoration Cleaning

Slate, a very dense but soft and easily scratched material with low porosity, can be used effectively outdoors as well as indoors. However, slate must be sealed, and regularly resealed, to prevent or minimize staining. Leaving natural stone untreated may greatly hinder the complete removal of stains in the future.

Once properly sealed, slate is very stain resistant. However, some foods can cause stains. In addition, it is common for people to make the mistake of applying heavy waxes or floor finishes that rob the slate of its natural beauty and slip resistance. On interior slate floors, a high-gloss stone sealer can also be used where a glossy finish is desired.

Marble Floor Cleaning/Marble Countertop Cleaning and Restoration

Our most commonly requested service is marble polishing. In some cases you may merely need to polish your marble floors to achieve a shine like new providing it has been well maintained. For our clients who like their marble to look better than new, inquire about our Diamond Polishing service. Our Diamond Polishing is our elite service which leaves your marble looking like a glass mirror for a fraction of the cost of a newly installed marble.

Noticed some of your marble tiles are higher than others? Do you want your floor flattened to improve the esthetics, keep from chipping the edges, and facilitate marble cleaning? Get Clean Carpet and Tile can grind away the excess marble to restore a flat level surface using the latest state-of-the-art machinery in conjunction with diamond abrasives.

Have you noticed dull areas in your traffic areas? This is typically associated with what is commonly referred to as wear patterns, scratches, etches and so forth. Get Clean Carpet and Tile can repair these surfaces by either “honing” or polishing your marble to eliminate these blemishes. The surface is then polished to the desired finish leaving you with the memories of your new floor once again.

Get Clean Carpet and Tile’s marble services include:

  • Chip & Crack Repairs: Have a chip, crack or broken marble tile? Get Clean Carpet and Tile can often times can repair your tile and blend it in with the surrounding tiles to match the surrounding surface.
  • Grout Restoration: Your grout unmistakably influences how your floor, countertop or other surface will look in the end. Get Clean Carpet and Tile can replace, restore or repair grout as the need dictates to provide that finished look to your surfaces. In the end we will instruct you on how to clean your marble and grout to maintain its pristine appearance.

Granite Countertop Cleaning and Restoration

Granite is the most sought after stone when it comes to countertops and other surfaces in the home and with good reason. However, Get Clean Carpet and Tile often discovers homeowners using Windex and other abrasive products that have robbed them of their once beautiful surfaces.
Granite Restoration & Repair Services:

  • Chip, Scratch & Crack Repair: Get Clean Carpet and Tile has the experience to virtually eliminate any chip, scratch or restore a broken piece of your granite countertop or other surface. To make it look brand new again.
  • Polishing: Granite polishing is a painstaking process, demanding ten times the honing with diamond abrasives as marble polishing does. This is especially true of the red and black granites, which are far denser than the lighter stones. Our craftsmen at Get Clean Carpet and Tile are masters of the art of effective granite polishing.
  • Granite Sealing: Get Clean Carpet and Tile would be glad to assist you in sealing your granite surfaces and provide you with some common sense suggestions for maintaining your surfaces.

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