Professional Carpet Cleaner Vacuuming CarpetAs part of our new website, we really wanted to expand the conversations we are having with fans and customers on Facebook, Google+, and now on Twitter (@getcleancarpet). Over the course of starting and building the Get Clean Carpets business in the Fort Worth area, we’ve learned a whole lot about getting things clean and keeping them that way. This blog is intended to share that wealth of experience and information with you; therefore, during the coming weeks you’ll see regular posts here with inside information on best practices for getting your carpets, tile, stone, upholstery, and air ducts clean and keeping them clean. Plus we’ll share a bunch of other home maintenance tips and perhaps an interesting story or two about life in the Dallas Ft. Worth area. You are encouraged to post your comments along with your questions (you’ll find a place for that at the end of every post) and we’ll be happy to respond.

We want you to confidently associate Get Clean with good value! We do all we can to deliver that very thing when we do a cleaning job, and you’ll also find lots of value in the regular posts on this blog. Lots of carpet cleaners come and go – along with their ‘deal du jour,’ but Get Clean has been working for, and retaining, loyal customers in the Dallas-Ft.Worth area since 2009, with the testimonials (and repeat customers) to back it up. And, they sound a lot like this:

customer testimonial for get Clean Carpets and Tile

One of the most important factors critical to our success has been listening carefully to our customers – and to that end, we invite you to participate in this discussion! If you have any sort of cleaning questions or tips to share, feel free to post them here or click here to email them to us, and we’ll address them here.

Heck, we may turn them into a post that’s authored by you!